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Head Texture of the Month: Abstract!

Are you diversified in the unknown? Can you replicate the abstract? Be unique and create your masterpiece!

In this event, the Event Squad (ES) give you guys a theme to work with, and you have 4 weeks to create an amazing head texture. The person who creates the head that best fits the judging criteria receives prizes. But don't worry if you don't make it out on top, as there will be several honorable mentions. Now let's get drawing!

The winner will receive the following:

100000 TC

The winners of the honourable mentions prize will receive the following:

All winning entries and honourable mention winners will be mentioned in both the Opening Post of the next HTotM with the artists credited AND in a Sticky thread in the art forum. So if you're looking for a chance to establish yourself as an artist in the Toribash community, this is your it!

We do still have rules that are to be followed. Keep in mind we may not judge your art if it doesn't follow ALL of these rules.

- No plagiarism, this isn't tolerated at all and is severely punishable
- Do not submit old/pre-made textures.
- A rough sketch or WIP is required to prove that it is a head in progress and not a pre-made head that you are reposting.
- Collaborations are allowed, however in this scenario prizes will be split.
- Only one submission is allowed, which also means no alts used to submit two different heads. If you're collaborating with another artist, you can only submit that head.
- Submissions must be in 512x512 or higher.
- Post watermarked flats in this thread with spherical previews. It would be much appreciated if you used Toribash Textures for 3D previews.
- If you aren't using Toribash Textures, ensure to make your previews clear, show all aspects of your head and attempt to keep watermarks somewhat non-intrusive while still being effective.

Four weeks after this post, the ES will judge the entries and the process begins. It could take anywhere between 2 days to 1 week. Your entries will be judged based on the following criteria:

- How well the idea fits the theme
- Uniqueness; think outside the box, as it could be the difference between winning and losing
- The execution of your idea

For examples of Abstract art, look up Marsden Hartley, and Kandinsky

Once the judges have decided on a winner, a post will be made announcing the artists who won/received honorable mentions. Good luck!

The winners of the Previous HTOTM were as follows:

First place:

Weppetko with "Satanic Possession"

The honorable mentions are:

Clint with "UnInvited Guest"
SeeU with "Xenos"

The deadline is 4 weeks after event goes live: November 30th, 20:00 (GMT+0)
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Originally Posted by Horizon View Post
nothing preventing this challenge from being colourful lmao

its to prevent the influx of winning colorless heads
Originally Posted by McFarbo View Post
its to prevent the influx of winning colorless heads

And exactly what's the problem with that? Judges judge, we post entries. If a colorless entry wins then it means the judges preferred it, even over colored ones. Don't always go around assuming that black and white is just lazy, it presents different challenges and requires you to focus on different skills.

If an head looks good colored doesn't mean that it will necessarily look good in b&w, depends on contrast management and your ability to use a wide grey scale. With colors it's easy to overlook it.
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I agree on what McFarbo said.

I get that B&W is your style but don't be afraid to color textures. Otherwise, HTOTM Hall of Fame will all just be filled with colorless entries which does not look right tbh.
Weppetko you head sort of goes more in surrealism then abstract, me thinks
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Originally Posted by Insanity View Post
Weppetko you head sort of goes more in surrealism then abstract, me thinks

No clear direction was given:

Originally Posted by sir View Post
The whole point of having those examples in OP was to note that abstract art is very broad and isn't just a colorful mess.

Abstraction indicates a departure from reality in depiction of imagery in art. This departure from accurate representation can be slight, partial, or complete.

Direction to go with is up for you to choose.

And surrealism is can be related in some way to abstract.
black and white looks better than color. keep it up weppet, your head actually looks good and deserves to win
Originally Posted by Karstnator View Post

WIP # 1

Id put thaton my wall in a print
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