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It's been a good run.
Man, it's been so long I can't actually remember when it was that I joined raku.
Not that it matters now anyway, but hey; it's been a good run.
I enjoyed the whole time I was in raku, I remember the great times we used to have. The newer members may have not have been here, but having you guys here was a blast, too.

I'd like to thank everyone for everything you've done for raku. Seriously, gotta love you loyal members. Though I don't think that there's even more than 3 old members in this clan.

There's a lot I'd like to say, but I'd just like to say that toribash has been awesome, but now I don't even have enough time to be online to post.
Though what I'm definitely sure of is that I'll be staying in raku for every last second till the end.

A side note for wolf, it makes me sad to say this but first of all, I told you so.
Secondly, I'd like to thank you for believing in me on taking care of raku, but sadly for the last and final generation. Really, you've taught me a lot.

Thanks again to all the old gen members. <3
Of course, the new gen members, too.

My apologies to Lempika. Hopefully you'll forgive me.

So yeah, I guess this is it. The end to our long years of fun.
This will be my resignation and a final goodbye to raku.

It's been a good run guys.

Frost is pretty cool
It was real fun having you as a leader Shawn, I know I didn't make a good co-ldr and I'm sorry for that. I've lost interest in toribash and will be taking my leave also.
I'm ready for my part any time. Just let me know once you guys are done with farewells.

And yeah, rip.
It's been nice knowing you Shawn, have a great life!

Shawn will probably remain as the leader and I don't see why we need a new leader for this clan.
Have any questions? Need help? PM me!
Later Shawn.
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