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Bodypart message in torishop
I'm suggesting to add that little feature that shows you the item's body part in the custom member's inventories in the torishop.

I think it could help the people to know what they're buying at the torishop and market.

For example, we all know that if you press the item icon at the market, it shows you the item info, but that item info page just shows you some marketing info like the stock of the item or how many of those are in circulation, but you can't see for what bodypart it is made.

Today i was watching some old shiai item's post (the monthly ones) and i've looked to some item combination that got my attention (steampunk hat and steampunk googgles) and when i tried to search the way that those items matchs (there's a preview with those 2 activated together in the head), i couldn't find anything excepting that little feature in the inventories.

This feature could be added in the item info page and the torishop aswell.

It wouldn't be hard to make in my opinion.

Excuse my bad english, and thanks for reading.

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