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Making sure you're doing it right
When posting, you always want to make sure you're going along with the way each board is used.

The news board is obviously used for news regarding the toribash forums and the game. Posts in here should be things such as bug fixes, answering questions and saying thank you to hampa and the rest of the team for the newest version, newest update and etc.

Discuss is the board for serious matters and opinions.
Discussion is for the reasonable discussion about recent events and debatable matters. For example, debating about what is a basic human right is a valid topic. Asking what clan you should join is not."

Off-Topic is a board meant for less-than-completely-serious debate, idea sharing, news linking, et cetera. All these things which get posted in Discussion, but which most members that participate in Discussion don't really feel that they are suitable to a forum of the type Discussion currently is (Read: Debate). This means you can post some stuff you find interesting, new or cool here.

Rapid Threads:
Rapid Threads is for all topics. That is, quick suitable questions that may flash your mind(this includes, for example, "Who is the best texture maker?") and things of this nature.

Beginners Sanctuary:
This is here to solve problems you might be experiencing in game play, or any general questions you have regarding Toribash or the forums.

For example questions like: "How to get an image in my signature" belong in Beginner's Sanctuary.

Only post here if you have critique on replays or want critique on your own replays, this board should be used for nothing else.

The mods section is that part of the board where all of the toribash mods are created(obviously). You should only post in here if you are releasing a mod/script, showing of a WIP or want help/critique on what you're currently creating, this board should be used for nothing else.

Obviously used for events, both player and staff ran. There are a few different types of events, be sure you're posting the correct thread into the events board.
This board should not be used to critique anothers entry, simply post your own entry after reading the rules specified for the event.

The art board is for posting your own work, aswell as critiquing other peoples work so that they can improve their art. You should only post detailed critique and your own work on this board.

Used to post tutorials(if you want to request tutorials there is a thread in the stickies). Only post in here your own tutorials, never make threads looking for a tutorial for this and that.

Used for suggestions for both the game and forums. The topic should be clear and say what you want to suggest, when replying to and writing ideas make sure you include why you think this would be a good idea and ways to expand on it.

This is here to directly deal with problems, bugs in how Toribash runs(client problems). Don't confuse this with Beginner's Sanctuary.

(It is a category, but it's easier to summarize both board together):
Obviously used for discussing and showing off toribash wii, the board isn't the most organized. I don't have much info on this, just follow the board rules and you should be fine.

The place where you buy or sell your artwork. Do not post in the market unless you are buying, selling or trading. Anything else will be deleted/infracted.


The place you buy or sell items. Do not post in the market unless you're buying, selling or trading. Anything else will be deleted/infracted.

Market Squad:

This is the place where you discuss market-business(Not trading or the sort) with the people who moderate/run the market category. Keep posts in here strictly proffessional at all times.

Scam Reports:
The board used to report scams and suspicious links(via ingame and forums). Everything you post in this board should be strictly proffessional with every piece of info about the topic you possess. Be sure to read the stickes before posting inside the board.

Used to create organization for you and other members of the community. You should not invade random organizations unless applying or have permission. When creating a organization clearly state the purpose of the organization.

Clan Discussion:
Used for creating clans. If you want to make a new clan, read the rules and guidelines first, as you are expected to follow them. Failure to follow these clan rules can result in anything up to the removal of clan threads or even boards to simple infractions and everything in between.
When making a new clan, create a single thread here in Clan Discussion. Title the thread like so: [Clan Tag] Clan Name (If different from the tag). Try to keep the clan tag short as possible. Make sure your name or tag isn't already taken or you will be asked to change it.

Clan Events:
This is a public clan events board. Only post a thread in here if you're hosting a event for all clans, and only in other threads if you're participating. Any specifically to one clan should be kept in that clans board.

Hall of Shame:
"This is where the... silly... topics go." I don't believe i'd have to explain that one any further, plus, you can't post in it anyway.

What is a useless post?

A useless post is a un-needed post, which could fall under the category of trolling, de-railing a thread or going off-topic unnecessarily. Basically, a post with unwanted content that is not beneficial or useful in the thread.

Some ways of making sure your posts do not fall under the category of 'useless' would be to read each and every forum rules and stickies, along with reading the first post of every thread(And the other posts, if you have the time).

Link to all forum rules and useful threads.

Examples of a useless post:

Examples of a useful post:

You'll probably be able to notice the difference in quality and quantity, being that the more useful posts have more meaning and are to the point, while the useless posts don't help at all and do not need to be there, this is what a useless post is.

Deleting your own posts:
Contrary to populaur belief, you can actually delete your own posts. If your posts is no longer needed or viable, you can do the following to delete your post:
Go to edit, delete, make sure you tick 'delete message', then add in the reason so that moderators know why your post is deleted.

Any other questions or etc? Contact me via IRC or Pm me

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