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Torishop APIs
There have been a few minor changes to how the market works. A few features have been rewritten. If you find something that's not working normally in regards to trading or marketing please report it here.

The rest of this update focuses on the various APIs we have. If you have other applications or bots that access the torishop, please use the APIs where possible.

Now due to a bit of spare time, some market bots, new stuff needed for the steam release, and a whole lot of things I made for that shared banking system but never really used... there are now a few new APIs and data sources that people can use for the market and trading.

There's still more to come. If something's missing or there's other parts of the torishop you use that these APIs can't access, feel free to ask.

Trading/market API: (don't load this page more than once per second, usage limits apply)

All torishop items:

Other unrelated data sources: for all live streams for all ingame users

twitch.php and clan_war.php are all made using the same sort of APIs in case anyone is interested
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I've been getting a blank page when I try to buy an item off of the market.

Also happens when I try and transfer toricredits.
we are aware of this issue and will beat fish up and make him fix it when he is available.