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What peripherals do you use to watch anime?
I often watch anime on my 27" 1080p tv, or if I'm in bed I'll just use my phone, which has a 1080x1920 display.
For sound I just use a pair of shitty head phones, or some Technics mids.

If I'm with friends I'll set up the projector.

What about you?
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well i hardly watch anime but when i do its in bed with my laptop
i mainly read manga on my phone just cuz it's easy
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I strap on my VR goggles, crank up the surround sound, and insert a new battery into the vibrator befor...

Oh wait, for anime? 1080p monitor and a headset.
nyan :3
Youtube Channel i sometimes post videos of other games
I just moved and left my stuff at my parents house, so it's just a simple laptop.

And i forgot my headphones, i can say that it's very unpleasant to watch kanojo anime without them.
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I usually use my smart phone, Galaxy S7 Edge. But if my internet doesn't fuck me, I try and use my PS4 and Television or Tablet.
my shitty monitor which is like 1600x900
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