The Great Emote Bake Off 2
zawesome foot 27k
sorry i spent it
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Actually, I'll give you my entire deactive and 31k for the black vortex one.
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We have to go deeper.

snoopy7393 sorry, i need more :s If i change my mind i will pm u.
kevindu31 35k + Cobra Relax
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1. Flame: Huntnova
Forged by Kekkonen on 2011-01-16 04:52:32 for the Right Hand (2602).
Flame: Huntnova2
Forged by Kekkonen on 2011-02-03 01:24:36 for the Left Hand (2617).

trade with my

message me if ur intrested
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no , in addition , i bought another flamme sorry
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