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[Forge]Freelance artist flame shop
This is a flame shop of high quality flames, made by creative and skilled employes, which will be sold here. Look around in this shop, see if any type of flame catches your eye. If you buy it, a split will be given to the shop, as well as the freelance artist that made the flame.

These are the people who will produce the flames, and give them to the shop owners to attempt to sell. They get a large cut from the profit. You also must provide your own screenshots. You get paid the cut from profits made by your own flames only.

To apply, PM me. Then just send me a flame you wish for me to sell. click "create" and send me the flame through secure PM. Do this after we decide on the % cut rate. The shop owners will be in charge of selling it. Note that YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE A FORGE TO BE A EMPLOYE. I WILL FORGE IT FOR YOU. Basicly, if you're good at forging, and want to make TC from the things you create, I can help you.

Current shop employes:

Shop owners:
Bargain and haggle for a price on the flames.

Current shop owners:

Request a price for any of the flames. DO NOT be a retard. If you wish to have a flame recolored, (which is pretty much the only type of flame request we do) it may cost more.

blkk's flames:

Wirlwinds: practically 2 flames.. one that comes off your head, and another that produces smal flecs of color that all around you.

Electric wirlwind

Firestorm wirlwind

Purplenurple wirlwind (yah, crummy name, i know)

Banlazors: shoot wherever you point!

Supernova Banlazor

Plasma Banlazor

Warpblades: Like in my sig!

Grav Well : A type of flame where particles are sucked up into a dark void above you're head. Then, they are shoot into its center, and are teleported elseware, before being sucked back in. The movement is mezmerizing, and due to it's size, its a expensive flame. One of my best designs. 200-300k EACH. <------ due to it's forge cost. IT IS COMPATIBLE WITH NEARLY ANY SET.

Here is one.... there are about 5 i made. Like i said the picture won't do the flame good... The movement of the flame is great. the void will siphon off flames from your head, and it will shoot into the void, and fly out, only to be sucked back in again.

Red matter gravity well (red)

Plasma matter gravity well (blue)

Chaos matter gravity well (green)

Dark matter gravity well (purple)

Void matter gravity well (black)

Vortex Feilds
Spiraling particles that shoot out of the vortex, and then back in. Rotates in random directions.

Shaman Vortex field

Volcano Vortex Field

Elf Vortex field

more colors on request

mrlebo's flames:

around 100k

around 100k

around 140k

bdo's flames:
(i made them, but using bdo's patented idea. Screenshots when he PMs me)

Jetpack: flames that shoot from behind you, downwards.
Jetboots: flames shoot from the bottom of your feet.... kick your enemy, and he will get a face full of flames.

The 3 flames above can be sold in a set.
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could i trade my head flame and 50k for the electric whirlwind?
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Am i the only person with a FULL SAPPHIRE SET?
Lets try to stick to TC only. Definetly not more flames. I strongly sugget you offer with TC only, and sell your other items, rather than bid with them here.
- its been a while
latinking: maybe.... 50k more? How much tc have you got?

superkeest: Yes, and i doubt you will be able to find the same flame anywhere else. Its exceptionally hard to produce that affect. Even if i tried to reproduce it, it would be almost impossible.
- its been a while
I'd like to offer 150k for electric whirlwind. I need it to be azurite and marine though, predominantly azurite.