SP Cup 2022
2 Supernova Banlazor's

EDIT: i forgot to say just wishper me if you like that price thanks
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deathking: 200k for each? Deal....

im not going lower than 150k for one.

Also, if you want any flame recolored, its going to cost from 10k-25k more.
- its been a while

A quick employee refferal:

Kingdrake is an awesome flame creator, he has done a few flames for me, but you can give him better profit :P
I told him to apply here, it would be wise to accept him.
Okey, i got his PM. I requested some SS though, because i want to hire emplyes who can use their brainz, and find new ways to use flame variables to create interesting flames.

I'll wait for his reply.
- its been a while
Pretty much. I just take a cut from the profit from selling them, because i'll do the selling and the forging. you just have to come up with a good design.

to apply, send me a SS of one of your works of art.
- its been a while
how much for nebula hand flames? doesnt need to be large. only the same as the nebula ones.
Fr3styL . Improving by Improvising
I'm an artist.
Alpha: nebula? i don't know what that is. Also, this shop is for high quality, complex, flames, so it will be more expensive, but have more functions that "normal" nebula flames.
- its been a while
blkk can u forge me a flame for 32k plus sum items pink flame in right arm make medium size or that heart one ill buy for 32k