Toribash Season 7
Jmann you should realize everyone you've gone to has told you that's to low it costs us more it's the same for all of
Jman: why don't you participate in my flame raffle? i started it for people like you. A link is in my sig.
- its been a while
well blkk here is the head i was talking about.
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Am i the only person with a FULL SAPPHIRE SET?
Hey can you post these in the first?

blkk this one starts at 100k

this one too

and this one at 140k
yeh but,have you read the application?because I made it in like half hour or plus,because I spent alot of time uploading images
Okay, i'd like you all to make CREATIVE flames. Such as the ones i posted, which are differnt from other peoples. Use affects such as gravitate, and orbit.

I am accepting mrlebo, mattsmatt, kingdrake, and im looking at donkor. The rest of you send me more examples of your work.

These new people, please post pictures/discriptions in a post, which i will copy into the first post of the thread.

Also, mrlebo: unless you're a shop owner, you might not get the flames sold at exactly that price. (although i'll keep it around there.)

Edit: kiingdrake: of course. Didn't i reply to the PM?
- its been a while