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I’ve been a Ka fanboy, he is remarkable, his music and personality alike. If there’s anything I’d want to do before the forums turn into a husk, it would be to put people on. Please listen to Honor Killed the Samurai if you enjoy this, the man deserves all the praise he can get.

Hands down one of my all time favorite artists is Aphex Twin. Even had a TB head made for him, but unfortunately it's lost in time and space.
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Jaden smith is one of my most favorite artists, even though he is known for being the son of will smith he has built an image for himself without the use of his parents money, he is really influential and his music is other worldly, he also started JUST water, a non renewable sugar cane water brand I think, but here's one of my favorite videos by him
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xxxtentacion isn't really one of my FAVORITE favorite artist really, but I love a lot of his songs such as this. One unique trait about him is his extreme diversity in his music. To see what I'm talking about, listen to this then listen to something like train food.
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