Market Squad Recruitment Drive
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Draw a potato
Following the success story that is draw a poop,
here is

Draw a potato, best potato gets 100k

deadline 7th of march
you can submit as many entries as you want you crazy bastard
If you are bad at drawing, don't worry, I will give 2 random entries 10k
judges: Ezeth
Congratulations Sthip for winning 1st place and 100k toricredits.

Random winners that gets 10k toricredits


I am disappointed that nobody verbally recognized GLADoS potato but okay, portraits aren't my forté. :V

o well lol congratulations to the winner(s)
<Blam|Homework> oiubt veubg
deviantart page | also patreon if you feel rich
ur too smart shook well it was a lot of good entries, and it was hard to pick a winner, very close.