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Fite Nite Season 2

The greatest event ever held is back with a second season! FIGHTS, BETS, THE BEST!

Collect points and climb up the ladder by challenging anyone you want!

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Winter didnt show up! Noob!

You didn't read the rules and the date was invalid, at least winter read my post about reading the rules i guess
I updated the fitenite thread, i've been having a lot of work irl lately and the second mod (ImFinn) has also been quiet busy lately, i know that i'll be very busy like i have been this past week for the next month or so so i'm thinking of adding a 3rd mod to this event, we don't make a single cent with this though which also means that whoever volunteers won't receive anything other than work to do.

It's hard to find someone we can trust with it too but if anyone is interested in moderating this event with us, please shoot me a DM
gidzpider vs kirakat
Fite between
Kirakat vs Gidzpider
Winner: gidzpider
6-4 (i think, played it yesterday but internet dies so... could not post until now , anyway. gidzpider Won)