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Fite Nite Season 2

The greatest event ever held is back with a second season! FIGHTS, BETS, THE BEST!

Collect points and climb up the ladder by challenging anyone you want!

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ImFinn vs Yukiie replays
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the score is 5-6. ImFinn won
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I'm not actually the guy named "Finn" It's just an username. We're 2 different people <3
nikootso, you currently have no points and yukiie even has negative points, do you want to challenge without any stakes instead?
Please determine a date per PMs or ingame, then post the final decision as a reply to this thread. I will update the thread when that is done and i'll see if i can be present to be a judge and record the gameplay.

Congrats ImFinn, i can see that it was a very close game ! You're currently ranked #1 in the rankings. Yukiie you played really well too, looks like you just got unlucky, i hope you can get your revenge someday soon!
hi, i can fight people here too
<[Alpha]Diamond> in short: you count pings, you run, you lick boots
Ofc, this event is open for everyone, you can also bet for the fights happening soon (check next fights and betting rules)

If you want to challenge someone just copy the form in participation rules and we will make sure the challenge reaches the person in question. If the opponent accepts the challeng you just have to set a date and time and post it on here.

The stakes and mod can be anything you want from fighting in jousting to get him to change his name on discord to giving the whole deactive inventory or even for games on steam or something. Anything you want.
It sure does, i hope to see your challenges soon! Who knows i might stream them or record them with commentary to put them on youtube!
Challenged: surfer2u
Mod: abd, lenshu and boxshu on a modlist
First to: 6
Stakes (tc, money, points, unblock on discord, etc.): Thronior = 5€ || Finn = joins reckless again
Personal comment: ill fuck you up
Your GMT: +2