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i saw someone get 32 win streak forgot name but started with k
"I'm a vision from coast to coast" "see the shining sea" "All day i work at night i play" "Zenibash. yeah"
Rlly nice Pan!
Good Job!
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<AlphasoniK> Kristis: What the fuck is wrong with you, rainbow loving panda freak.
Seriously, try to piss standing up for a change. No life girly pants dimwit.

Bleh, 20 streak on judo, 7-8 on wushu, and about 6 on TK, fine, don't believe me, I couldn't take a screenshot, I'll do the streak again with screenshots next time.
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ha,dang pan you owned everyone....now is he qualified for it? cause he beat the dude who started the post in the first place.. *claps*
ok so I think the record is the pansowa's one because he's the only that have proofs of a so high streak
I really disagree with this record... multiplayer related records should be kept out of the book. Too easy to stage the whole thing.

Also, a person can easily photoshop an image to say a 100 win streak. It'd be caught, but the process of weeding out a very well designed one would be annoying.
nyan :3
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^ agree, there is a thread in "records" that says "no MP records" so making this an exception would be a little bit strange, wouldn't it? So I say "no MP records" means no Mp records.