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Exend/Contract percentages.,
i think that toribash could be further nuanced by adding a percentage meter to extend/contract on joints, there is a big difference in what could happen between extending 50% and a full 100% extension, i think it would enable more realistic looking movements.
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I feel like the main obstacle this game has to gaining popularity and members is how inaccessible it is to newbies. Although fast impressive looking results aren't what games should be about for a lot of people they are what determines whether they keep playing and become addicted or just give up. You talk about making the game more enjoyable for newer members as if it is a bad thing, the more people who get addicted the more people there are who might spend money on the game. And it isn't like a newbie could immediately start doing corks at -30.00 gravity, or master balance and control or direction, they would just not have the challenge of relaxing joints so they move realistically and smoothly.

Nevertheless, I think the most which should be added is 1 extra level of power to the tori's movement, anything else seems a bit excessive.

I think hampa should take some steroids and Adderall and make Toribash 2, a better, stronker, more modern game with all the fighting other games don't offer
to get all the people and all the money :c

The whole change mechanics won't happen, it's as stated in rules of suggestions. And a change in mechanics wouldn't help that much, because Toribash has a number of flaws and stuff that doesn't make it that much great at realism and doll great for combat. For example, yea, flexibility and range of motion for tori is worse than that of a fit human.
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It doesn't need to be realistic to be a great game. Changes to the mechanics don't have to be to improve realism to make the game more fun. I feel like this change wouldn't be too hard to add and would make a large difference.
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