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More TC For Black Belt Servers
This might just be me but most of he time when im on there is no one in the black belt servers, people have even came into one i was in and said "oh my god a black belt server in use". so im thinking we should make them give you like 20 maybe 30 tc for one, as in incentive to join them and two, your facing more challenging people than in the public servers. so why not make more for your efforts?
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Howmany blackbelt servers are there?
Idk, but let's just say there are 4.
Every farmer could make maximally 2k a day (100 matches) instead of 1k. Then we got farmers with multiple alts who will be earning twice as much.

This would add more tc in the toribash economy and would cause TC inflation. You can buy a shitload of tc but there are a lot of people who would rather farm than buying tc.

This idea sounds like: "pls gimme xtra munnie becuz i plaii in duh blekbelt survur"

Isn't the Toribash team planning on getting rid of TC altogether anyways?
I think they are trying to sink more tc. This idea adds more tc into the economy which is bad... Mkay

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Isn't the Toribash team planning on getting rid of TC altogether anyways?

No. They're trying to sink TC in order to increase the value of a single TC so the market doesn't inflate to the point to where an orc force is 1,000 TC's.
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This wont be happening anyway.. There isn't much to discuss. People might join if they see there are players in blackbelt servers. So just go ask your blackbelt friends if they wanna play in that server.

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Toribash currency is too inflated and is trying to be regulated my the staff, don't see this happening anytime soon.
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Flunked's comment is pretty much everything that was needed to say regarding this suggestion.

It's not happening not because of "TC inflation" but because there's no reason to give black belts more TC than others get for playing same fights.
If people don't play in specific rooms it doesn't mean that we have to double or triple the amount of TC given there just to attract users.