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Duel Rooms
I have been dueling recently, and I can never seem to find players to duel for prices in my range or anyone to duel at all. I think it would be a great Idea to have rooms for dueling set at like 200-500 tc, maybe even larger ones for 1000-5000, this would add ways for players to easily make a lot of tc without inflating the economy, it could also introduce noobs to duels earlier.

I ended up doing this myself, look here:
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Make your own dueling room I'd say.
Just name it something duel1 or just duel.
Add some flashy description with colors and wait till someone joins.
If that doesn't work then this idea probably wouldn't work either.

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I think it's a good way to stimulate more experienced players to create alt and earn easy tcs in those rooms, where noobs think: "here all the players have my belt, finally i can play and win something". Also it isn't difficoult at all to do what TimmyBoyG just said, if someone wants to duel, will join your room.
Not supported.
Its already been suggested, by me in fact, the reason I wanted it is because many if not most pre black belt players have never heard of duels and it would therefore bring more people to duelling and for that reason if it was to exist the stakes should be very low.

I'm kind of neutral on the idea for the reasons above this post
Already suggested but is a good idea for public duel rooms, just be warned that good people will join them to stomp noobs but that is how you learn. I think public duel lobbys would be great.
Make your own room, too many people would make alts and abuse it.
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I like the idea, its hard going to server to server asking for duels, there should like atleast 3 or 4 of them from like 100Tc to 5k Tc
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Why don't you just make a room?
Oh, this is for noobs to get an addiction for duels, i like that...
Other that that i think it's stupid...because u can't pick the ammount and the mod.
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