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Allow swords to actually remove arms from everything including the Joints, like full on slice and dicing.
Attacking from a slant and hitting the head will cut that angle off, if it goes from the top center, it will kill the other opponent and the game will end.
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So you want everything to be breakable. I dont think this would be implemented because then the tori would become too vulernable.
Same as the "killing of the opponent by decap"

Not supported

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This is too big a change in the game and will not be implemented

Also for this to work the whole hitbox system may have to be reworked so yeah
The game isn't really meant to be that realistic, it's meant to be fun and unique.

An implementation like this would take away a lot of things, not supported.
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Originally Posted by Triton
The game isn't really meant to be that realistic, it's meant to be fun and unique.

Now not to be rude but that is true.... I don't want Toribash to be such a realistic game I would rather prefer it as it is ;3
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Wait, what?
Yeah besides a head being split in half would require a LOT of blood to make it seem realistic... Talk about lag
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This game is a martial arts simulator. Putting to much into the little bits being cut off would take too much work for something that isn't needed.

Not supported.
I feel like, while I would love to see more depth in the injury mechanics especially involving blades, this would not add enough to the game or be realistically possible in terms of lag.
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