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Personal Muting
All the unused commands in Toribash, one that would be of actual use would be the ability to block/mute individual members in a server.

Say, you have a buddy list type interface, which allows you to mute any member in a lobby, which simply whites out or denies their posts from appearing for you. Though, if you reconnect, or leave a server, the list refreshes, to show members in the current room you're in.

However, there can be other features. Disabling Whispers specifically, permanently adding a player to your mute list, and so on.

This would be a great asset when you don't want to see or talk to players of annoyance, or want to mute players speaking in other languages. It would prevent spam that's inevitable (Unless an OP moderates it) and a lot of player hatred could simply be avoided if this was an option.

I want to hear what you guys think about this :O
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Overall, the only problems I see in implementing this, is the abuse that could be summed up by some clever bad guys and the lack of communication in important servers.

when i read this (and i may be off on my assumption) i thought by clever bad guys and lack of communication, i simply thought of clever bad guys muting staff members so they don't have to be lectured, and in response there should be a thing where all staff can't be muted as that would indeed take out communication.
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Well obviously GameMasters and above have automatic immunity, as they are the games authorities, that's a give in.

While thinking on this, this would also make Toribash in-game voicechats more viable. Just mute whoever is annoying you and you can chill with your friends without the troll and the raging squeaker, etc etc.
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