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Using TB for animation?
hey, I was wondering if toribash could possibly be used for making animations for other games, say i wanted to make a jumping animation in Skyrim for instance. could I make a move in toribash and maybe get it onto another game somehow? Wireframe mode looks much like an animation to me, thats what gave me the idea. thanks
Interesting idea. The only way I could think of being able to do something like that is creating a replay to Toribash blender rig script or something. It's not my area so I don't even know if that sort of thing is possible and plus, the way the replays are saved means that they only save changes in the Tori's joints and things. The Toribash game reads this and resimulates the reply every time you play it.
I could think of it possibly being a feature in a release some day but I doubt it'd be worth the effort to dev when there isn't that much demand and if you're doing animation you're probably better off going straight to a 3d program with a Toribash rig.
Well i hope it is implemented in the future. it would make it sooo much easier to make animations. at least for someone who finds the way you make real animations really intimidating (like me). maybe there could be some way to save the movements differently in the replay file as it is created. think I should put this in the suggestion thread? oh and thanks alot solax :D
Well, this feels more like a suggestion/idea than an actual question.

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Thought I put it there, sorry I'll be more careful next time
Um I made a thread for this already in suggestion, I'll go ahead and close this
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