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Using Toribash for animation
this may be impossible for some reason im not aware of, but while watching replays in wireframe mode, it looks to me strikingly similar to an animation. I was wondering if it would be possible to use toribash as an animation tool for other games, I just feel like it would be a fun and creative way of making animations. thanks
realized this isnt a suggestion; I think some sort of animating feature should be implemented into toribash
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I honestly dont see any reason to put something in the game for animations.
the game is about fighting etc. idk if i dont understand this idea or if this idea
is more of a thing that only you want? I Dont Support this Idea, i dont see any reason for it
It's quite possible, actually. I don't think it has to be an additional feature, because you can already sort of do this by replacing the Tori's default joints and objects with your own custom models, then altering the body with modmaker.
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