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Most user ever online
why dont u guys make a price every week for the most user ever online like radmon item or tc.
people will be more active in forum ;p
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1. they are trying to sink tc in an attempt to compensate for all the tc being added to the game every day, so adding more isn't likely.
2. this would really encourage spamming
nice idea but there would have to be some restrictions to it as well.
From what i can notice toribash i going down...
A price for what? Give tc to who?
People that are active are aleady active. You can't compensate toribash loosing users with any kind of payments...
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This could also result in people having bots to stay online 24/7, claiming the price all the time. I think you would need to expand the idea if there is going to be any hope of this being added.
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also what if someone gets 5 alts opens 5 tabs and doesnt turn computer off

they will have to give 5 prizes causing alot more tc added to the economy