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Doing my monthly "check on shook to make sure hes breathing" run. Hope your exams went okay and enjoyed your break.

I'm so bad at this. :V
I'm doing well, thanks for asking! For a while i was getting real stressed and low key depressed about not being able to score an internship, but then come mid February and suddenly i get emailed about a company i had contacted in December on a whim, because one never knows, right? Back then, they didn't have the resources for an internship, which is fair enough, so i didn't think i'd hear from them again. Then, all of a sudden, i'm asked if i've gotten an internship, i say nope, not yet, they want to interview me ASAP, and then lo and behold, 24th of February i have the best fucking internship i could possibly have hoped for. It's part time, it's front-end, it's not WordPress and it's only half as far away from home as campus is. So which company is it? Some no-name startup? Hell no, this is motherfucking Kiloo. I'm approaching the end of my second week there, and so far it's an excellent place to be working/interning! People are super nice, the place is modern, my desk has two monitors and the lunch is fucking godly (and i get the lunch for free because i'm an unpaid intern :v).

I've actually already had a change published; you see the hover effects on the icons of I maked those. I didn't design them, but i did the coding. :v

So basically tl;dr in spite of continued gut botherings i am doing very well for once! In fact, gut botherings have actually reduced a bit due to my lowered stress level, which is lovely.

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krong agrees with this statement

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I guess with your current gut issues you could say you've truly become an event fartist.
Hope you'll do better soon though, love the comic!

Thank! As you can see above, doing better. Also yes indeed, that is why i picked my title to be as it is. :V

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I know your pain my dude. I've had 2 colonoscopies within the same year, years ago. They did find stuff but since they were so money hungry they sent me somewhere else in which they also found stuff (both places didnt fix the problem).

Anesthesia is always fun. The tummy packed with air is super uncomfortable

Ouf, bad times, i hope you can get the problem treated. If i don't ever have to go through another purging i'll be fine with that. :I

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Hope you're doing well

THANK, U TOO (also yes i scooted into [T] discord when i read this originally lol)

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i absolutely love that comic

Hee, exactly! Am glad. c:

also if you think there's going to be a doodle dump here at the bottom you are extremely correct


also separate spoiler for this because it is SPOOPY

So yeah, things have happened. I actually haven't doodled a lot in the recent days because mornings make me tired as balls all day. :V
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make me a legend pls
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I really am not but thanks nonetheless. <3
You're still rolling with the medical taco i see, that was a while ago!

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hey shooky mc shookface ;)



Shit, there's a face i haven't seen in a while. Literally, too. :V
How ya doin' in these cruel and merciless times of american presidents tweeting dumb shit social distancing? Sorry it took a while to get around to responding, my social juices have been taxed recently, however crazy it might sound.

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make me a legend pls

Beyond the scope of my power, alas. :V

however what is within my power is doogles


Trying to branch out a little from my usual neutral positions by drawing bits of actual scenes i have in mind (here seen in the last two things), i just suspect that nobody would read it if i went and wrote down the actual context. It could get pretty lengthy. :V
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Sadly Dr.Taco is needed now more than ever lol
I hope you're doing well <3 I'd like to catch up sometime for old times sake buddy
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Shook... are you alive?

I think Shook played Hades today
oh yeah