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30 is coming
I've dusted off an old notepad and found some cool notes about toribash, as well as some drawings and general memories from the clans I've been in and of people I've had good relations with..

And I've decided to log in, check if old clans still exist

Well turns out few died

And I'm year behind the mighty 30

To think that I've used to spend countless hours fighting with some of, and that I've exchanged thousands of words with the test

I don't regret a second and I would repeat it all cheers
take care, i hope you had a big party on your 30th anniversary hahacheers

mighty 23 now haha
no i didnt party my 20th big neither my 23 which was on the 23rd of agust ... would have been a cool thing too
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Hey buddy, good to see some old farts around.

Happy birthday as well.
Aren’t you the one who made that clan called onkrack?

Or am I thinking of some other obnoxious prick

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crazy first post

Ive actually had a lot of posts. Idk why It's zeroed. Piratez, CW, re. Some in graphics threads. Many others.

Devil, it's funny, because we were together in a clan. I remember you were a troublemaker. Then raised up or something like that. From a toxic player to someone that a lot of people had a good opinion on.
Oh god, I had you confused with the asshole who made the claim (saints)

I’m sorry bus
Oh god, I had you confused with the prick who made the clan (saints)

My bad.
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Clan board posts don't count anymore. That might be why your count is 0.