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Free Run Frenzy

Hey 'Bashers and welcome to the Event Squad's first ever automated parkour event.

Introducing FREE RUN FRENZY!
The challenge is simple, get to Uke! Parkour your way to the red end zone either straight on or take a detour through the extra checkpoint shown in blue for an even better prize!
In addition to that, the best replay will receive extra rewards so make sure to give it your best shot! Good luck runners!

The Mod

1. Replay hacking is forbidden
2. Don't change any of the game rules except for turn frames
3. Do not steal others replays
4. Your whole Tori must make it into the red end zone

There are two ways to compete in the event.

Go to the News tab in the game client and choose "FREE RUN FRENZY" event and press the "Participate" button on bottom right. Once you reach the end zone click the "Submit" button on the bottom of your screen - pressing it will allow you to upload your replay for ES to review. The client will automatically mark the advanced task as complete if the blue checkpoint is reached. Additionally after hitting "Participate" you can click "Load Custom Replay" in the bottom right to upload preexisting replays provided they're on the same mod as the event. Keep in mind that we will only judge the FIRST replay you upload that way, and if you want to change your entry to a different replay, you need to upload it on forums.

Download the attached mod and put it in your mods folder in game client. Load it, create your replay and save it, and then make a post in this thread with your replay attached to it. If you're uploading a second entry after uploading the first one with in-game interface, please mention that. If you want to modify your replay before the deadline, edit your post and add a different replay instead, don't make a new post for each replay.

3,000 Toricredits
2 Shiai Tokens

8,000 Toricredits
4 Shiai Tokens

100,000 ToriCredits
10 Shiai Tokens

August 16th, 16:00 GMT +0

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I almost came back and did this event but then i realized that red thing was a jump pad and it pissed me off because i wanted to do some realism sailormoon shit off it. I might come back and trick the entire next one if there isnt an obnoxious jump pad in it. goodluck all.
Hey folks, I completed this and uploaded (through the client) a couple of days ago, but haven't received any reward. Should I wait a bit longer or contact support?
That's generally not a support issue as only ES deal with these automated events, it's much easier to just come directly to us if you think there's a problem.

I have been away on a trip so judging may have been slower than normal, if so I apologize. Regardless I just judged a batch of them so everyone who completed the objective and submitted through the game client should have received their prize.

Need help? PM me!
إد هو العاهرة
Free Run Frenzy Submission - Xanthyn
Here is my submission! Swagged out with some Brittany Spears moves on that chair at the end.

I think I hit the checkpoints but it is hard to tell since the colored regions are not visible when doing it from the downloaded mod. Sadly my submission on the previous challenge through the client never went through, so I have to do it this way.

I like the free run challenge format, very fun. I think it would be great if the staff assembled 15 minutes or so worth of footage and released a youtube video showing off community members' moves!

Originally Posted by NxRzBeast View Post
Here's my attempt

Heya NxRzBeast, you might have to try that again - you lost a hand and never brought it into the final checkpoint. Rules specify your whole body!
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tried to take the weirdest route possible

included some 10/10 comedy at the end thank me later

can someone please confirm if i made it through the blue zone or not, cant load the mod properly to see the zones. just ran around the area randomly hoping to get my tori in there lol
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basically a beyblade that can jump.
tricking thread
Replays submitted via the forums will not be officially judged until after the deadline.

Though looking at your replay you do appear to pass through the blue checkpoint.

Need help? PM me!
إد هو العاهرة
my try
it's bugged ig so
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"Gâle, peste, gengraine, trainent à l'entrée de son utérus,
C'est plus risqué de la ken que de jouer à la roulette russe..
Fuyez, elle a les lèvres déchirées qui moussent comme la Heineken,
Ya des tentacules qui pendent, c'est plus une chatte, c'est un Kraken.."
Originally Posted by Divine View Post
Replays submitted via the forums will not be officially judged until after the deadline.

Though looking at your replay you do appear to pass through the blue checkpoint.

I know. Was just hoping someone could say if I went thru the blue, which you did, thanks man.
basically a beyblade that can jump.
tricking thread
My game dont did the upload in the end of my cross
when I hit send, the game doesn't come out of this screen (yes, it's in portuguese. that's my language). please i don't wanna miss my replay. I couldn't even watch it. somebody help me.
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