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Unable to connect to multiplayer
As the title says, I've been unable to connect to multiplayer lobbies. I left a discord message in #support, but it hasn't gotten a response yet. Basically what it said is that I redownloaded the game after a long time away to play with a friend. I got hit with 'not connected' when trying to join lobbies. I was using the steam version, and initially told me to 'download the newest Tori bash version' even though I was using 5.44. I've gone through the technical support post on this forum regarding multiplayer issues, and nothing seemed to help.

After validating, it told me that there were 7 files that failed to validate. After that, I would get hit with the 'not connected' message.I've tried re-installing, making sure my fire-wall had exceptions for the game, and disabling my anti-virus when re-installing and running the game. Even tried making a new account, but that didn't seem to work either.

I'm running windows 10 64bit. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

UPDATE: My issue is now fixed. It seems the issue was due to some corrupted .dll files, similar to this forum case, I wasn't able to fix it with these methods; however, by re-installing my windows OS, whatever was corrupted and causing issues seems to be fixed and I can log in normally again.
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