Eviltorified : 你有一个很酷的战斗风格
Eviltorified : You've got a cool fight style
Why is it fun to play spar with you
Eviltorified: 我看好你 !
Eviltorified: I have a lot of confidence in you!
|WIP Replay|
Yoooo, thanks for the comment maikei11

So I kinda watch some Spirals replay and found his -40 grav stuff. I came here to challenge myself and tried some shit. Realizing uke falls down quickly lmao.
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Despite your replay being the polar opposite of the title, The opener was a different (not really my taste but I was expecting just based off the lenushu comment). The movement was a little hectic at time mostly anytime you was airborne in the replay.

I would also suggest being cognisant of your arms, particularly your shoulders when raising and lowering them sporadically (rewatch the replay and look solely at both arms and you'll see what i'm referring to) again most evident when you was airborne and few times on the ground when you were trying to push off to create momentum, during the replay it just felt like you was just flailing your arms which actually took away from your speed and fluency and made it actually harder for you I felt like in some cases.

The DM's themselves gave me more of a bashing feeling but bashing used in literal connotation there were some solid points of contact and there wasn't some solid points of contact on your DM's but I suck at DM's myself so i'm to no space to judge xD but I can relate to some of the struggles sometimes; (I will say the kick at frame 444 I felt like could have been a boom kick I posted a fake boom kick but you got the idea). Some areas you probably could have applied more effort and been a little more patient and tried more options but I will say your ending was very well executed that was by far the best part of the replay for me.

Nice job though.
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Aye! Thanks for the CNC again Murcinary, actually helps a lot. And yeah I got impatient in the replay. Just made it 4-5 hours honestly lmao
not in the mood for full cnc but here:

slow rythm was cool, but it takes you a while to get all the dms, plus your movements look a little sudden a lot of the time. still, awesome replay. some of the hits had more potential as proven by murcinary. you can make your movements look more smooth by relaxing more after extending/contracting. and in general extending/contracting less helps. but you already know this, so good luck on your next ukebash, im excited to look at it.
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Been Inactive lately, i'll just post some of my spars I made last week.

CnCs are appreciated
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