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as you can see I'm no longer have [Aeon] tag..

So, the purpose of creating of this thread is I want to you guys to know about my reason to leave this clan (again)..

Well.. recently my past clan (Liquor) and few old clanmate is going to reviving that place to alive once again. Since I'm still can't moving on from that clan, I feels like I need to join with them to reach the goal. Back in 2013/2014, I was the leader of that clan, and I've been there for like 2/3 years, then the clan is dead when I was quiting TB..

Now about Aeon, I've been here for like 2+months..
You guys are awesome too, bring me back how the CL and families feels like.. I would like to stay here but my mind is still stuck with that clan, and sometimes I dig some old post that brings some joyful moments..

Forgive me that I can't keep my words.. also I think I didn't deserve to get "Guys we love to remember" because this one..

So.. I think that's enough about the reason of my leaving..
See yaa!!


these fam are unforgettable for sure

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