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Original Post
[ale] I have won
Remember the wibbles war of late 2009?

Remember O̚̕̚ ̓̔̿̿̿̕̚҉̵̞̟̠̖&?

Remember when people's self-made wibbles forums thrived after the removal of the original board, and the subsequent void reintroduction of it requiring a subscription?

I do.

I am a wibbles historian; and ever since its destruction, I have longed for an official, aesthetically identical, personal wibbles.

After 9 years of putting my soul into it, I can say I have done it.

I have purposefully killed a clan with autism, leaving only me posting very regularly things that make absolutely no sense, and I am content. This is a project; it is far more than killing time, it is an experiment, I am sure I will be the last clan alive in Toribash, until the game (hopefully it doesn't, though) dies and they have to close the server (as they've been penny-picking every little byte of the servers by removing dead boards and being severe with clan activity).

I declare victory. I have my personal wibbles, filled with abstract asceticism of sense; and I'm dead chuffed.

Can you continue this till the end of TBN?
Team Lenshu|Anime United|Proud ex-member of Liquor
Toribash next
Team Lenshu|Anime United|Proud ex-member of Liquor
legendary troublemaker
Team Lenshu|Anime United|Proud ex-member of Liquor
you think your project was a success
i haven't even begun mine
you'll see
multiple texture uploader! updated: multiple texture remover!
updated pretty colorlist!

<BobJoelZ> ok ive just rebooted my pc and ive tried to activate my reflex on yahoo internet explorer :/ no luck

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