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Blueprint Bash

Have you ever had a great idea for an item but lacked the tools to realize it? Well we're here to help! Pitch your idea and have it realized by our very own Item Forgers!

Pitch an idea for a new item and give us a name, you can also make anything from the likes of a video to an MS paint drawing to accompany your idea!

-No plagiarism
-Collaborations are allowed, but prizes will be split.
-Only one item submission per person is allowed, if you try to circumvent this by using an alt all of your entries will be invalidated.
-Your entry must include: written pitch + sketch of the item and a name, advertising material is optional but encouraged.

The best entry will have their idea fully realized into an item in the Torishop! They will also receive:
8 Shiai Tokens
A copy of their designed item
75,000 TC

Honourable mentions will receive:
4 Shiai Tokens
25,000 TC

The deadline is 19:00 PM GMT on May 10th 2020

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As my last concept would be hard to implement, I'm going back to my first idea as suggested by some ppl. Last concept removed from the thread.

Tori Dragon

Height: Up to the Tori abs
Egg stage may also include an incubation lamp (just an ordinary lamp with a diffuser and yellow light).

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Rough Sketch:

If you like the idea I can provide sketches on different angles. I also think a name tag on the left pec that is customization would be nice also.
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heres my ideah
double longsword kite shield.


THE SHEILD CAN BE REMOVED! Not important.just cool.
I hope it can be added tho. would be opt obj 0 is a option

or could be medevil longswords.
both are cool.

my art is bad.
but take the ideah. and
you can do what you do best.

but that's one thing that no one has ever had.
is a double sworded back item
and throw in a shield and bam you got a legendary item.
LEVEL 1 is a single longsword/katana.
level 2.Is DUEL Longswords.

THe item itself should be 50000tc per Upgrade. asumeing you made a legendary item for this. probably the most epic shit iv seen in years

dateing back using Red and white for the Kite shield.

with the red cross
if you choose longswords over katanas bc yes we have many katanas.
no longswords tho…. wich is unusual .

the longsword should be represented like this.


longsword kite shield...….

IMPORTANT NOTE . idk how to get the shiled to go over the swords but the shield covers the swords....
the handles and blades stick out at the top and the ends.

p.s YOU CAN Make your own inscriptures.on the desighn of the swords.i release full rights to. only the.itemforgers.

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Originally Posted by MariaVirgine View Post
Question, how's the shop price decided?

Shop price will be decided at the end of the event based on the perceived value of the item, of course a giant upgradeable sword will have a higher TC price than a dog tag would. We'll take the winner's opinions on this into account as well.

Originally Posted by Clint View Post
can you post more then just 1 idea?

Originally Posted by Rules
-Only one item submission per person is allowed, if you try to circumvent this by using an alt all of your entries will be invalidated.


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If I came up with an idea that I think is better, can I delete the previous submission from event thread and insert a new one?
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You are allowed to change your entry until the deadline. Don't delete the old post and make a new one though, just edit your existing submission.

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3D Black Belt
I think this is a nice, simple idea that would have been done already but here goes:
A 3D Black Belt Model that circles around the Tori.

I made a simple sketch to show the ideal location of the belt - just underneath the lumbar joint but wraps tight to the rectangular stomach of the tori. The inspiration for this model comes from a standard BJJ black belt made from a black canvas material with a red "tape" on one end. Below I linked my sketch and other pictures for reference.

Black Belt Sketch

BJJ Black Belt Inspiration

If you guys want you can go crazy and make colored copies of this item for each belt rank.
Attached Thumbnails
BlackBeltSketch.jpg   BlackBeltSketch2.jpg   408514_10151048850320478_782140477_21532826_1697644483_n1.jpg  
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