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Custom Head Request And Set Shop HQ Accepting TC / USD
Hello I'm Clint I will make you a custom head or a set
DM me on discord at: Clintlicious #5698
or Private message me on forums.
The price of what you request will depend on how complicated or simple it is and how much time it takes me to make it.
I only accept USD and would accept TC If I like the offer
Here are a few examples of my work.
I sharpened the examples so they don't get stolen




Hands and Feet/ Random Texture Requests

Clan Art

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Bump! I'm free again! hit me up on discord or on forums for requests! I reply quicker on discord!
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Hello! I'm in need of money because of irl problems so I am opening this thread again, I will make you a head texture/set or any sort of texture or forum avatar and banner basically anything for USD, even for 5 USD (but It won't be as much detailed) and if you offer me more money I'll put my heart into it! Please just request anything! I really need this.
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bomp, got alot of requests for TCs rejected them. I'm looking for USD! I am not asking for alot tho!
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Yo this is actually wild art. Make me a sexy belle delphine headreply with cost USD is fine
edit: saw above post, make something like insane. I want hella exaggerated cringe simp belle delphine head. No headphones. got $20 on it.
Finished the above request, the customer was satisfied!
Please send me more requests! ^~^
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