Season 8
the flow was good but the spar was a little stiff and you didn`t finish uke off with a final punch wich would have been better so 6/10
Up on malancholy hill, there's a plastic tree~
Okaaayyyyy, so I was doing the overpass mod with a random person.

I wasn't really into it much.
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llmk Barely Sparring.rpl (388.1 KB, 47 views)
Wekmar Sparring continued.
And a spar with Taco
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Wekmar Returns.rpl (558.0 KB, 48 views)
Taco is sexy.rpl (664.3 KB, 47 views)
nice spars man, I like more the one with Taco.
nice spar and good job with the style in there.
wanna spar with u tough.
System Of a Down [Extreme]|LOP|RSO|MoA Dontclickhere!
And yet another spar with wekmar. I need new sparring partners D:
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