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To have a shirt.Details are below.

To be able to have a different force all the way from your hip to your right bicep/wrist.(Assuming the tori raises up his hand).Well,i'm expecting that this is like an item which you can buy.Short sleeve up to bicep,long sleeve up to wrist.
Since this is an item i guess it would work out.
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I don't know what happened to the thread with rules about suggestions, but I'm pretty sure one of the things not to suggest was clothes.
Maybe eventually they might add this, something like hair, but they probably won't for a while. Don't close this thread, because I guess it's a good idea and staff members should know that this is wanted.
Supported for the future. (Maybe like 5.0 or something)
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The same can be done from the hip to the feet,a different force.If toribash does this,toribash will be like a virtual world.But the only problem is how are we going to do this.
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maybe different joint colors for each joint?
like neck joint color = gaia
left pec joint color = acid
just like the joint textures

would cost alot more yes, but would make the game better
or just make the joints a bit cheaper?
why not make this a "cheap"(er) version to have multiple colored joints?
Hey,Hey,People,im not talking about just single joints,but as a whole.
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Yeah.... now that I think about it.... this is kind of the point of joint textures.
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