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[Forum Suggestion] Embedded Dice
I have one idea and suggestion for additional option for forum posts. I admit it is a bit strange and specific, uncommon and not widely in use, but it can open some possibilities in the department of forum games & events.

So, anticipating the stoning from the staff that are in charge for doing coding and additions for forum here it goes:

Dice roll embedded in forum post.

Idea is to have a piece of a code that can be used in this format:

[roll] 1d6 [/roll]

Example image:

Exsample of the code for forum:


Where 1d6 presents 1 = one roll of dice, d6 = 6 sided dice. When you execute this type of code you get random number from 1 to 6. That number is embedded in your post and can't be changed even when you edit your post, thus making the dice roll 'trusted', preventing cheating with multiply rolls of this virtual dice to get the number you need.
You can still delete your post and make another, but that is easily visible to any moderator.

Furthermore, you can set multiply rolls of uncommon dices, like:

[roll] 2d8 [/roll] where you roll 2 times 8-sided dice and you can get numbers like: 6, 8 or 3, 7 etc, etc
And even add some constants like:

[roll] 1d6+3 [/roll] where u get 1 roll of 6-sided dice + 3 (constant) getting a number like: (random dice roll number) + 3

You may ask for what purpose would this be used? Well, for only one: board and RPG games or as a helper in some advanced events. And that's it.
This is why embedded dice is very specific tool, which is why it will not be used very much, thus making it a 'thingy' that is only usable by very certain group of people. In defense of this proposition I would say that we already have few things in the advanced posting options that are also usable only by certain group of people (like wrap code or html).

Here are some pros and cons of it:


- With it users can play board games on forum
- With it users can play RPG games on forum
- Can be used to resolve some specific terms of the Toribash Events


- Very limited usage
- Could start gambling which is (I think) prohibited on this forum
- Cheating is possible by deleting post with the dice roll and making a new post which can be spotted only by person with some power of forum moderation

So, what do you think?

( I would like to know what staff thinks about this )
Very well thought out and a good idea as well.

- With it users can play RPG games on forum

Also I want to do this now.
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The plugin you linked is for a different forum engine. With the limitations you have with vbulletin plugins and the way it handles custom bb codes, I don't think it will be possible to implement without rewriting parts of vbulletin itself. So you'd more or less have to reinvent the wheel just to add this dice rolling thing.

As nifty as it would be to have a dice rolling system, there's no effective way to implement it with all the features you have described. Especially if you want to catch "cheaters". I don't imagine any staff would be particularly keen on moderating dice rolls.
I don't think I'll ever use it, but I support the idea! It is a fast-to-'code' feature that will be useful to some players.
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Well, I linked that as an example, more as a reference for someone who is willing to code it.
As for the cheating thing, I concur, but as far I saw on other forums where they use dice roll, if your post where you used dice roll is edited, they don't take it as a valid roll.
With some rules like that, even if the code is imperfect, it would be possible to have control over the rolled results.

Btw, there is a dice roll plugin for vbuletin, if that's what this forum use. Here it is:


As for moderating dice rolls, I guess if the ppl would start opening events, board games or post-to-play RPGs it would include the whole new sub-forum so it would probably have it's own moderators that would be assigned to check for inconsistencies.

Or, if used on official GM events, every GM that is also a mod is always checking what is going on anyway on that part of the forum.
Here is just one example of it's many use for board games:

I draw a board with fields and pathways and mark some of them with events like: If you stand on this field you go 3 spaces backward, or if you stand on this field you have to fight GM and defeat him in game in some aikido mod, or something like that, etc

Objective could be to race other players to finish of that board game. We set some prizes, people apply and then they just roll dice while I set graphically their icons that represent them on the fields. We just play some basic board game with some events specified when they stand on some fields, etc.

If the board is set on the official event page, we just set the rule that if you edit your post with the dice roll you are disqualified from the game, same thing if mod notices that you have deleted your post with the dice roll an set another instead of that.
Not really the problem nor too much fuss.
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On the scale from 1 to 10, how hard is this to implement?

Asking a person who is currently assigned into forum coding.