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Better statistic screen for players - idea
I think that statistic screen for each player should be more detailed.

if you go to your stats you can see just what achievement you got and how much (in %) is your win rate.

I should have more statistic things, like:

-game played by each mod
-average damage per game (in points)
- calculation about damage dealt/received
- most wins by mod (so you and others can see what is your best mod, wushu, aikido, etc...)
- number of wins done by decap
- name of the guy you beat most times in your career (domination XD)
(... add some more ideas)

stuff like that

I mean, TB is competitive game and ppl like to brag with their stats, also when you want to take someone into clan with purpose to have a member for clan wars, you can check his stats and use that to decide (is he a good person for clan wars, in which mods, etc...)

Current stat screen is part of the TB shop, maybe it should be in separate page and with lots of details? We can expand this idea with discussion...
yeah having summary stats for each player is way better than achievements, like showing best win ratio mod, most played mod and so on
Oh, and maybe a "Highest Streak" in each mod kind of deal too maybe?
This would be a neat thing to have
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On some i'm not preety sure about like the damage dealt thing and the name of the person you beat the most, but most I can agree with.

Mostly Supported.
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I was working on extending the tori_stats-page a while ago. Whenever my rig is fully functional again (still have to re-install a shitload of tools) I might give it a shot and rework it/extend it a little more.

Have to check which datas are stored, which not etc. but I'm sure that damage itself isn't stored at the db, just winner/looser.
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There a many variables that could be used:
- points per match
- distance traveled per match
- number of 'contacts' with opponent per match
-limbs that got hit per match
- dq
- mod used
- time played
... etc etc

I'm sure they are in the engine, just not used to form a statistic file that would linger on main server, and produce a stat screen for players.
Also, the profile global stats graph is kind of hiding on that Ranking page. Could it be stuck in the profile page, either way?