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BIG bag of suggestions
I have a list, lol. Hope some ppl upstairs will read it and think about it, at least for 30 milliseconds.


I like the music introduction to the game. Its relaxing. Maybe to much relaxing. :] But, since this is a fighting game I recommend some drums, to be more specific Japan drums.
Some examples:

They would greatly empower game mood. So, maybe think to go in that direction.


Almost every F2P game has some daily missions where you can score more resources if you finish them.

I was thinking something like:

- win one game in every official mod room = gain +50 TC (then mission resets after 24 h)
- accumulate 500 000 points in wushu8 (or some other official mod room) = gain additional +100 QI (then it resets after 24)

Some stuff like that. Or some other stuff, think about it.


Toribash really needs some intro movie with some kind of lore. Just to enrich game experience a bit more. That can be made in Adobe After Effects and set to load before the main screen.
There were talk about story mod, well, this can be a better addition. Games should immerse you with some kind of a background story...
I like the better music Idea Especially the first song, Its so..toribashy. The daily mission thing also sounds pretty cool. A good Idea of getting people in game. And those who want TC but cant win tournaments can just do that simple task, but not additional Qi, this would be too easy because people can just play a official room where scoring 500 000 points is a piece of cake. I dont know what mod this would be but its their somewhere. The intro movie thing wouldnt really matter much but it could be cool for a little movie..maybe to show how the Tori's were made. Not how hampa made them but maybe something like: An old karate master decided to create a doll/toy which young karate learners would use to help them do certain fighting stances. He named these dolls tori's and then the tori's were enchanted with a spell or some shit and became fighters. Thats just an example but it would be a cool thing to see, maybe not ingame but somewhere on forums.
I agree with idea #3 and 1 only
idea 2 can lead to farming :o

#1 would be very cool! why not make it the default music if you have the music item?

#3 Would be epic!!!! the intro just like in the wii would be great!

These must be in the future toribash versions!!!

# 1 and 3
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i support mainly 2. i think it would sorta, you know, spice up the game a bit and whatnot. instead of just going to servers and simply fighting you could go out and give yourself a challenge. but the others have my support as well

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Supported 1 2 and 3.

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I do support 2 and 3, but I would only support 1 if there was an option to the calming music too. I do like those music choices and would use them accessionaly, but I still like the calming music too.
I support all ideas, but I support more 2 and 3 than 1, but still, I support all of those ideas.
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idea 2 can lead to farming :o

I think he meant that you can only complete a daily mission once a day, after that, you must wait until the next 24 hour period begins.
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It pretty much breaks the Qi limit and makes it 200. Instead of daily maybe weekly. Something like - obtain over 5,000,000 points in total within a week on judo for a free 100Qi
Idea 1:Open up youtube and play it.If you can't,download it in youtube-mp3.
Idea 2:Maybe,but the qi should be below 50.That way,you can earn qi.These qi would be counted as the 100qi you play everyday.
Idea 3:Would add a interesting background that attracts more players.
~Supported overall
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#1: I do agree with this and playing it in youtube would just cause lag. Maybe have like an option to change BGM or like make it switch around?
#2: HELL YEAH! I'm one of those people that like to play safe and never duels and rarely bets. I also can rarely win tourneys. I think this will be a great way to earn some TC, but I don't really agree with the QI thing. I could damn well stay at white belt if there weren't server belt limits.
#3: I background story would be nice. Also, should have something about earning the belts and stuff.

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