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BIG bag of suggestions
I have a list, lol. Hope some ppl upstairs will read it and think about it, at least for 30 milliseconds.


I like the music introduction to the game. Its relaxing. Maybe to much relaxing. :] But, since this is a fighting game I recommend some drums, to be more specific Japan drums.
Some examples:

They would greatly empower game mood. So, maybe think to go in that direction.


Almost every F2P game has some daily missions where you can score more resources if you finish them.

I was thinking something like:

- win one game in every official mod room = gain +50 TC (then mission resets after 24 h)
- accumulate 500 000 points in wushu8 (or some other official mod room) = gain additional +100 QI (then it resets after 24)

Some stuff like that. Or some other stuff, think about it.


Toribash really needs some intro movie with some kind of lore. Just to enrich game experience a bit more. That can be made in Adobe After Effects and set to load before the main screen.
There were talk about story mod, well, this can be a better addition. Games should immerse you with some kind of a background story...
Sly, you gave me an unnecessary idea. But yeah, he's right.
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i support mainly 2. i think it would sorta, you know, spice up the game a bit and whatnot. instead of just going to servers and simply fighting you could go out and give yourself a challenge. but the others have my support as well


I agree with you 100%.

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I like #2, but I feel like it'll be abused by alts.

Maybe lower belts would get lower rewards.
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