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Allow People that ping to rejoin
I recon people that ping should be able to rejoin if its a tourney or something and also if its a bet server they ping and they betted they should get their tc back.
You already can rejoin tourneys if you ping.

You should not be able to have your tc returned on bets if you ping, as it's easy to exploit via forced pings.
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However, what if their bet stayed even if they pinged? Now that would be great. Bet 10k, ping, reconnect & win bet.
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I think this is a horrible idea due to the fact that u could simply have someone tell you when its at the last 2 people, then enter in and have a better chance of winning.
In tourneys it would be nice if you were nudged back to your position

@GrohenBird you are not allowed to enter if you are not going back into your rightful position, the game lets you but its an exploit and is bannable
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