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Card Collecting and Toribash collector cards
So, some ppl asked me to post this here because it sound like a cool idea.

We were discussing the use of the Toribash collector cards and I have posted this:

''It would be cool if they were actually very cheap (as item) and you can get them by playing 500 or so games. Then, each time you beat someone that has a card item, you gain it in your collection (not as item but as a trophy). Then ppl would actually be proud of their collections and try to collect more. If their collection would be shown on their user page as an album or something...
Market for them would be made than(ppl would probably hire artists just to make them those cards with their toris that look nice etc).
If the collection would have a value depending on the player's belt you manage to beat (higher belt, more value) then ppl would go around hunting for other players that have cards to incorporate them into their collections thus having a bragging right when gaining more valuable collections...

But, might be too much work for web devs to implement. Not really sure how much is viable to do that work just to turn an item that has no use at the moment (except as a high valuable item to trade because of rarity) into something that players can use to start their trophy room showcase, lol.
Ive bean thinking on this a bit and here the latest version.
1. There should be a hole place on forum for this. Visible on 1st page of forum.
2. Only players with 500 or more games should be allowed to have cards.
3. In order to have a card of your own u have to buy one for 5k or something small. When u buy the card it will be generated by shop with your name, certain font, motto, like collector cards template.
4. Then u can edit the motto, enemys, the background and the centerpiece with your tori or what u want.
5. U can only buy 1 card per player.
6. What to do with is the part that i am not sure about.
If u loose the card once somebody decaps you then a lot of cards would be lost with dead accounts.
If everytime u decap somebody or beat( decap sound better), if they have a card u gain a copy of it. Only the first time. Then u can start building a collection in a new area specially made for these cards. Like a secondary deactivated. This sounds more plausible.
But, what if people want to edit their card. How will it be updated yo all other players that have the card. Well it could be something like a texture or item. Whenever u dl a plsyer their card gets updated in your special deactivated. Or simply editing it costs like a namechange and the system updates all cards with that username that exist.
Now another question...should they be tradable?...idk. i think not. I think it should work like secondary achivements.

I think these are some valid solutions.
It does require a lot of coding though, but it would be a neat addition to the game. Like 3d item were 2 years ago.

I think that there should be more debate in what to do with them. I would be nice to have a real use or purpuse. Like prize for milestones. In tc or shiai tokens for 100, 200, 300 cards collected or just the same as belts. 10 cards 1 token, 20 cards 2 tokens, 50 cards 3 tokens, 100 cards 4 tokens, 200 cards 5 tokens, so on until some better prizr for 1000, 2000, 3000, 5000, 10000.
Achivements could be done for these milestones.

Something rlly intresting can come out of this thread
Pm me for deals