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Some alternate grappling features
The following is mostly aimed at grappling and no dq mods like aikido and ninjutsu, but this can probably be enabled anywhere.

So, after a while of playing those mods i find ninjutsu to be just about who is more accurate in their movement and strikes, which IRL is like, the basic stuff, and in aikido, the holds are immutable if you don't let go, and there aren't many different ways to beat a half decent player.

Second, probably due to the stiffness of the toris, things get messy if you try to hug your opponent, and soon enough, you only have a relax color and it's blue.

Thus, i suggest some toggleable features than can greatly improve grappling:

  • Breakable grips
  • Pulling or twisting joints can break them
  • Constant pressure to a joint (mostly for the neck) does damage
  • Rotation
  • Ability to tweak individual parts damage

This would add the option to spice things up for those who would like an extra dimension of fighting, without affecting standard gameplay.

Crappy replay examples attached
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-arm triangle tddecap.rpl (63.3 KB, 2 views)
-actual armbar dm.rpl (74.3 KB, 2 views)
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1.i cant really think of breakable grips being anything good.explain that.

2.No,leave alone the joints,that would be too game-changing.

3.wouldnt that make point hold strategies be the only thing we would see if that is implemented?you could just elbow lock or something your opponent and start pressuring it,keep it like that what remains of the match=win.otherwise,if its only with the neck,then im fine with it. can do that by using your pecs.

5.can already be done with the modmaker.
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1- It would add the possibility to escape from some holds, more variety and not just death grip.

edit: it would break if you pull away from it with enough force

2- Optional

3- Yeah i meant it mostly to simulate choking, let's keep other joints for point #2. Also you're not supposed to get in a bad position in the first place, and you can escape from holds, especially with breakable grip.

4- There is a reply to this argument in the linked thread

5- Hmmm, didn't know this
Last edited by 6mmJack; May 2, 2017 at 11:35 PM.,i mean i knew how it works,but i was asking about how it would actually activate.


3.but if they got you in a bad position,they could abuse the pressure system.anyways,yeah,lets keep for choking.

4.most of the replys in the thread dont really support the idea,neither i do. you know it.
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1) I'm thinking he's saying by like too much pull on the grab for it to let go

2) It sort of already breaks that way, but to twist a joint there would not have to be the plane basis that joints work on, they can't turn directly like that to twist.

3) The way the point system works is by a bar, when you hit someone that bar fills, and when there is no movement, the bar sits still, so pressure doesn't add to the bar, every time the bar fills you get X amount of points. So it wouldn't work for the system anyways.

4) Again counterproductive to how tori joints work, they move in a plane of x or y, based on what join it is, say a shoulder is x, then an elbow would be a y, they don't go x and y independently.

5) I don't need to adress this anyways since inmmortal8 did.
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Points seem to be answered, but a suggestion,

Just turn off grab on the mod and play it no grabs, basically gives you the idea of breaking away from grabs,

Or simply agree to no grab with someone.
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I agree with couple of points, but overall this is just making the whole game even more complicated. As a game with such steep learning curve, it should stay away from adding more features that people would have to additionally learn and take time to understand.
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