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Inproving the game (make Call of Duty out of Toribash)
Hey gyz!
I have a suggestion to inprove the game. Ok so to undertand what makes the biggest games in history so good we need to look at the best game franchise in history, call of duty. The first call of duty suxed dixz lmao so let's ignore that one and insted look at the best cod, with is call of duty advansed warfere. You might be wondering why cod aw is the best cod, well you have a lot to learn kid but ill explain it anyway. cod aw is set in the future wich allows a lot of extremly intresting killstreaks and weponds. give toriblash exoskeliton and wepon and the playarbase will pass minecraft and battelfeld and cod and wow, no man sky and pi racer.

ok guys thats my suggestion to inprove this game, no hate, haters will be banned, only posetive, and bye gys *triggerhapp y*
Anyone that thinks Advanced warfare is The Best CoD already has a no from me.

But on a real though, what even is this suggestion lol?

Noob lol
but 4 real the suggestion is adding weponds and killstreaks to toribash and a lot of supllydops with epic loot
Weapon : There are already a lot of weapon related 3d items. (If it's a usable weapon, there are some mod that features weapon)
Killstreak : streak is already a thing for the longest time cmiiw
Supply drops : Daily login bonus can be count as supply drops, i guess (elaborate more on this)
Epic loot ; There are event and etourney that gives out prizes.
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1st person shooting with guns and killstreak and wen u run out of ammo u play the treditional tori game

epic right?