Head Texture of the Month: Freestyle
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Belt:Green (Because Recycling)
Why you think you should be accepted:Because You seem fun nice and energetic and seem like a nice bunch of people that I can trust dearly to my heart and not be Backstabbed *Eye twitches and becomes insane*Do not stab me in the back!*Insane Off* Thank you

Welcome to Rain, XYZSAN
My next submission for concon's video :>

Open to feedbacks and criticism !
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We apologize to XYZSAN and nikatoor for having been removed from the clan. We are changing how we run things a bit, and it seems our more "open door" policy failed us. We failed to find players more or less being able to integrate into the clan; thus, new ways of handling recruitment are being implemented, and we removed the more problematic people.


Also sorry to NigelJ and Mocah for being kicked due to inactivity.
Just cleaned up the thread a bit
it looks a bit more attractive now xD

Now we just gotta get some kind of clan texture made