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Some things to note:

First of all, great job to [Aeon] and [Damned] for getting perfect scores! Please accept this medal as a token of my gratitude.

You Rock!

Yo, ty much <3
U rock us :tb-cool:
Also i have a bunch of suggestions about extra things for clans:
1) Another piece of forum customization, background image as VIP guys have.
2) Possibility to add cuztom autoplaying soundtrack on clan page. (Kinda link to mp3 file)
3) Cuztomizable access to an OP of static clan-server, kinda permissions for each rank (example: trial ranks don't have auto-op, but leaders or other groups of clanmates - have, and u can change it ez)
4) Separate block for allies and enemies or friendly orgz, not connected to main part of clan page


5) Custom clantag color (ingame at least)
6) Clanwar W/L Ratio
7) Something like info about patrictipating in events and else, like that ES tourney toplist, but for clans with members doing stuff for events like replaymaking/modmania and etc
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Hi T0n0mi, just to let you know that we had a small discussion about your suggestions

1) Probably not happening. Nabi still makes money with Tori VIP and since it's a VIP only feature, we prefer to not make it available for perk points.

2) Not happening, we feel like it's not useful and would result in abuses and more ear rapes sounds to remove

3) We have to discuss this with sir to see if it's possible to be made, but we really feel like this is not really useful to most of clans plus if I know sir well, he won't spend his time on doing stuff that will not be useful

4) We are already working in a system like that, coming soon.

5) Not happening

6) We will bring it for discussion with sir too, possibly being implemented.

7) It's already a thing:
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Hello gamers.
We did a minor change in the rule B) I. from General Clan Rules.
The change was made to enforce that using clan bank TCs to duel or to bet is prohibited.

Here's how it's looking like now.
Originally Posted by Clan Rules
B) Clan Banks:
⠀⠀Clan banks are player made accounts that serve as a bank for the whole clan, here are some rules surrounding them:
⠀⠀I) When you send toricredits to a clan bank, it's property of the clan. Using the clan's toricredits for your own benefit will result in a ban.
⠀⠀⠀*This includes using the Clan Bank Toricredits in duels or bets.

If you see someone duelling or betting it's clan bank's tc, report it to any Clan Squad member.

Thank you
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Yo yo yo,

Clan cops are back for the spooky season with another activity check:

October 2019

Overall, mostly everyone carried their same activity from the last check over to this one. There were a few going from green to yellow, and vice versa (but they were around the 50 point range anyway so it wasn't a major shift in activity). However, the smelly guys over at [Aeon] think that it's okay to go from a perfect 100 to a utterly disappointing 45.57. I'm taking back the gold medal I gave to you guys.

[Damned] still being gods and getting the ONLY perfect 100 this time around. Good job [Damned].

Shoutout to [duck] for upping their game and passing the check.

[re] and [elite] have received their second strikes, they will be faced with de-officialization, death, or the option to appeal.

[Vibe] and [S] Suki have received their first strike, one more within six months and they will be in the same situation as the two mentioned above.

Clan Squad has some super epic gamer events coming to you guys REAL SOON, so look out for those and be sure to participate! See y'all soon
We are waiting for the clan's page new design to start new discussions about perks, achievements and other cool things
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Hey guys! I'm a day late cause time flies by too damn fast, but here we are with December's activity check.

December 2019

Not too much here to go into detail about. [Damned] are still gods, [RelaxAll] are still living life on the edge, so on and so forth. Rest in piece to our fallen clans [py] and [VII] during this last check period. Congratulations to [NOT] for achieving official status as well!

Already deducted PP for static server upkeep. Will be giving out warnings/strikes accordingly in a few minutes.

That's really it for today's check, hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!
Hello. We have made a minor change in the rule C) of Clan Creation rules:

C) Meme/joke clans ARE ALLOWED, but within some strict rules. The clan will not be able to have a thread, making it inelegible for officialization. If your clan is considered a meme, clan squad will contact you and close it's thread if there's an active one. If you own a meme clan and you want to turn it into a serious clan, contact any Clan Squad member for more details.

If you have any question, contact a clan squad member.
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Hello people

Due to a mistake from my part, I will be re doing the february activity check.

I apologise for those who got warnings unfairly. I'll post the new activity check tomorrow and fix a the posts I made in your boards.
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