if you guys hear a rumor that I'm in a relationship with my sister, who is also my mother, please don't spread it.
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now there's a 3 AM post if I ever read one

at around 2 AM i tend to get way spewier, which was important when i was writing essays in college. side effects of this have been seen by you already plenty of times.
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i found this on another computer from my laptop. I didn't even know this was still in existance somewhere is "relaunching"; I don't know if i'll get the other paintings I did over fluffykat's sketches back (attack on titan titan, homestuck trolls)

brackass: i was trying to do some kind of madman thing but I couldn't figure out anything interesting.
status: please hold, brain rebooting. i'm kind of nonsensically stressed and not really thinking or acting with much clarity at all. it's nonsense, i say. so gimme a sec. just need to sort some stuff out. brb.

once i have some actual tangible reliable free time established i'll announce it and be down for whatever on a regular basis. tho i'll also use that time partly for apex.
@fluffykat check my website it’s linked in my profile. hour 2 of portraiting a comic book character. I have an outline for a comic I want to show you fluffs. this is the main character

@brackass if you're here between 1AM through 2:00PM on the weekdays i'll be willing to play apex with you. but I’m a lead weight like I said.

Help me be better (carry me)

@Kozamura who are you and why don’t you stay a while. we’re going to talk about politics soon. i’ve been meaning to, anyway. You won’t want to miss me fawning over u.s. representative alexandria ocasio-cortez. I don’t know anything about politics I just think she’s pretty. Also, hong kong?

judicial legitimacy is like money

please don't mention the paragraph second the above paragraph to anyone. please don't mention the paragraph above to anyone, either. please don't mention me ever, i'm shy.