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Get rid of tk and replace it with boxshu mushu v3 no one likes tk besides weird ppl and I and others believe more people would just prefer boxshu in its place. Please take this thread seriously Because TK FUCKING SUCKS

Suggestions & Ideas are for game-related suggestions. Suggestions related to server mods (public rooms, tourneys, quick servers etc) should be posted here.
If you, for example, want more aikido in public servers, you should post it in the above thread, and not in this board.

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Read the rules next time, I'm going to leave this open because its already developed a discussion, and moving it would confuse people
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No one duels in tk NO ONE. What do we duel in then? ABD boxshu and lenshu that is all we duel in and they should be the priority mods in a ranked game modes. A poll should be taken for JudoFrac and Tk
Closed this thread as of now, speaking with peers for clarification.

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After talking with peers, we decided that we are going to allow this to stay.
We have also updated the rules that now state:

Simple mod suggestions for public rooms should be posted here. If you feel as though your suggestion may evolve into some form of discussion/you want the opinions of others, please leave a suggestion thread in S&I.

Pretty cut and dry, but means... If your idea is a simple "I would like more Wushufixed.tbm please", leave it in the Public Room Mod Suggestions thread located in the Mods board. If it doesn't fall under that, and your topic can evolve to a discussion with points to be had, feel free to make a thread in S&I.

The thread will now reopened, feel free to continue discussing. As a reminder, good user suggestions are always welcomed. Ideas to keep the game fresh and fun are always valued, looked at, and considered. Your input is highly appreciated and I hope everyone knows that.

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Keep TK
replace judofrac with boxshu mushu

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aggree with codeine, judofrac is the mod that Seriously need to be replaced
you can talk shit about tk, you can hate and say that noone duels at it

but tell me


judofrac is in the modlist and youre complaining about tk smh dude tk is fine
acceptable if you dont like it/play it but is still suitable

sir if youre reading this: judofrac is L I T E R A L D O O D O O W A T E R
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Keep TK
replace judofrac with boxshu mushu

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You just lost the game
I am not a scammer
Jf is trash i agree with karst
Tk is fine though
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judofrac and tk are both shit just remove both and add boxshu please

trying to say tk is better than judofrac is like saying the piss i took 6 hours ago was better than the one i had now
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it's my plate you eat off.
berzerk why you duel running?