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Game glitches
Can someone please try to get somebody off their lazy ass to fix some of this spaghetti coding for the game please?

I've lost over 50k in duels just due to the game glitching. It happens so common it's ruining the game for me like it feels like it's not even worth dueling anymore.

2 duel replays as examples for how they fucked me. :
In this one in-game it said he didnt dq and that he just suplexed me being as I fucked myself putting too much weight onto him because he SHOULD have dq'd as the replay even says but the game glitches and pretty much says fuck you.

The one in the attachments just happened to me again and I lost 16k on it. It switched my momentum and saved the guy from going out.

This has happened on multiple occasions and quite frankly it's pissing me off.

Not sure where else to post this so move it if needed and pardon my language I'm just extremely salty because of this shit.
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