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Glitch was glitchy but cool

Floop was an awesome trick, but it had a really wonky launch, and it set you up for a bad landing. weird pose

Kid Tricks: Don't have the mod, but it looked pretty cool.

Sexy Thang: Ok this one was sick, definetly the best so far (haven't watched Symbiosis yet). Your first trick was really well done, although I think it should have been inverted a little more. Seamless landing, and that cork was fantastic. I feel like the landing could be improved, but I'm being really nitpicky here. Great job.

Symbiosis: Siiiick replay mang. I feel like the first flair out (idk what they're called) during the first flip looked a little off, but it still looked really unique and cool. Landing was great, recovery was great, touchdown raiz was really well done. Double legged cork looked odd for some reason, and I feel like it set you up for an unrealistic yes, but cool move afterwards. The kicks in the air looked great (I love kicks - there's way too many people who only do corks [I was one of them]) but I felt like the second was a little weak. Scoot was superb, very fast, and well executed. Trick afterwards was wtf but looked cool so whatever. Same with the next trick (but it had an ugly landing imo). I feel like the last two tricks were just meh... a tad jittery, and you seemed to have lost your momentum, that's just my opinion though.

I know I seemed pretty harsh, but you should know me well enough by now ;)


I agree! GG Wp m80 ;)

1v1 me irl rust.
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Opener/First trick (1500-1250) thanks to Greed! Go check him out here. Even though it's not obvious in this replay, he's got some bad ass stuff.

I'm obsessed with doing TD raizes c;
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BOOM BTCH! ~ (Translation that thang torch)

So to begin this replay [T]Lame is slime and by slime I mean fluid like got damn son. I couldn't spot a single twitch, I was trying my hardest to find something to say that could make this better in which I did but the replay is amazingly fluid.

What I liked the most:

I really loved the overall flow of the replay because of how sexy it was, it was like watching Ronda Rousey get kicked in the head except it's a tricking replay with no violence. Very good indeed the way you kept the same speed throughout the entire replay was pretty nice as well. It wasn't ultra quick like you were a speeding bullet but it wasn't Dauntingly slow like you were a dying slug.

What I will bitch about ~I cri evri tiem:

The ending cork and the TD raiz first to start the TD Raiz was good no doubt but it seemed just a tad stiff and it was a little off cent if you know what I mean it was kinda like going down a straight and flat road then hitting a pothole which hurts but it doesn't kill you most of the time so you'll survive. But the ending cork although it was basically water the landing fam. It seem as though you wanted to do that but you still wanted to land on your feet in which you couldn't find a way to do it which is totally understandable but I really would have liked for you to land on the feet you know. It just would have seem a bit more powerful and elegant

Stats on Replay:

Overall the replay itself is a very high number so I'll go down on what I'd rate it.
  • Fluidity - 94
  • Movement -89
  • Style - 85
  • Combo - 86
  • All this summed up in the replay would be 354/400 which is about a 88.5% overall thus saying your replay is almost about to destroy my standards meaning you are becoming GOAT so keep it up I want to see more and more and more until my eyes only see 400/400 and everything you post. <~ Totally not a replay thread; Hi I'm sam
Ok so I know you love TD Raiz's but I'm going to need to ruin your dreams:
The replay is sooo fucking smooth as always but I'm sad about 2-3 things;
Greed stole that exact sequence from me (the push off to jackknife) (he can confirm) except in this case it wasn't a jackknife, it would of been much better if it had been because it looked like you were going to kick but then you just landed and it looked baaaahd.

Also here comes the TD Raiz shenanigans: it's soo twitchy. Sec I'ma find a replay were I do a proper one so you can see the arm sequence. Oh wait I'll just use yours, one sec. Nvm.

K so a TD raiz is yes supposed to get you into a cork position but also to grant you a fuckton of momentum. You tend to just do the former sadly and it would be soooo great if your corks had more momentum.

I feel like I should say more or that I missed something but here's my advice:
study what I did in the replay. (Shoddy did something weird and fucked up btw) (yes I know I'm not as good as him).

Also in other replays you tend to switch your momentum a lot which just doesn't work all too well like in 'inside the box' which I did around 10 months ago.
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coolio manip opener I got, but am totally stumped on how to continue. Any ideas?
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Sweet looking opener. It's going to be hard though :/

Here's what I did, though, I'm sorry I switched his direction, and I'm sorry it's a little rushed. Whatevs, you don't deserve to go a day with no cnc.
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cool manip there
no effort as i can see
the unexisting hits are cool
Aadame:I'm very signaturable
It's just no one usues my shit .