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I feel like I should say more or that I missed something but here's my advice:
study what I did in the replay. (Shoddy did something weird and fucked up btw) (yes I know I'm not as good as him).

Fucking Zobln, not only did you edit what I did and take all credit for it, you said I made the mistakes you made. Could have just said that you edited what I did. As I say in the replay: 'Gotcha, bith.'

I'll leave you with some actual advice on TD raizes and some CnC so it's not a shotpist

Make sure you can land on your foot even without the arm, this helps you with landing. The arm is purely for momentum and balance's sake. Landing in a good position is the biggest part of the TD raiz though, without it, it's a near useless transition.

[L] Lame:The tricking replay was pretty smooth and fluid, I liked it.
I do kind of want to break down all the tricks and things you did in it.

Opener was kind of generic but okay, the sailor moon that came from it honestly felt wasted, you could have done something way nicer than just some awkward swipe.

The TD Raiz was alright, way better than the average tricker, but it had some pretty big issues that often get looked over.
Your non-ground touching arm was really awkward and dodgy, to be honest they always do but contracting the elbow and raising the shoulder isn't the way to go. You produced the spin after touching the ground with an extended pec and odd chest, just to rotate them so you could easily balance, this is the way to get the most momentum, but frankly, it looks bad. Try rotating in mid air so you land straight and can just bring the arm down, it looks smoother and leaves you in an easier position. (+ if you do it in MP it's way safer for your balance since it's easier to over see)
Landing with extended abs is also a bit nasty for doing corks, but isn't a problem.

The corkscrew was really bad :c
The setup itself wasn't terrible, up to the point where you were in the air it looked really nice, but you massively screwed up your knees in the cork.
You (nearly) completely contracted your non lifting leg, which can be okay, but then you extended it, still acceptable, but the real shocker was that you contracted it AGAIN. Your other knee just had a minor flaw, you went up with a held knee and extended it mid air but that is not an issue at all.
The tuck with your arms was actually quite nice.

Over all I'd give the replay a solid 7/10.
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tricking thread

Like damn.

Step 1) I came
Step 2) I saw
Step 3) I clicked
Step 4) I watched
Step 5) Refer to step 1.

Seriously though, I loved everything you did in the manip, you worked well with what I did and your own moves were great. That kick was so explosive (almost like my step 1), I had to watch it back again. Fantastic job. I'm amazed you got that skeet as well. Well done, spirals, well done.
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@Shoddy- Solid CnC. I'll let Greed know about his part, Thank you very much!

@Sky- I honestly think it wasn't a good replay, but I guess I'm looking at it wrong xD
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really nice flow you got there
i like the coin drop more then the other one but it need to be completed pl0x
you can probably get a sick combo from there
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It's just no one usues my shit .

I'll remake the replay if too many jimmies are rustled
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As I told you before, you have some sick flow. I kinda dislike the way you lost control of the manip by the end and instead kept on by desperately trying to keep uke in the air. Head bruises always bother me sadly, but I'll let it pass this time. Decap skeet was sick. No problems there.

tl;dr: The first half of the replay was awesome but it quickly lost quality by the end.

Keep it up mate.
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those are all quite dank, man
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