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(udc) Undead Community

We are the undead community. We crave BRAINS! We were a regular community untill the attack of the STEGOSOUROUS! Then we all died. Years later we have rised from the dead and seek fame fortune and BRAINZ! We know were your hiding SO JOIN US!!!






The Undead bank

Front page made by MadTDog
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Hey Cow You Need to Put Banner for the clan .
All the wrong I've done the Lord still keep on blessin' me
Originally Posted by Fish
When making a new clan, create a single thread here in Clan Discussion. Title the thread like so: [Clan Tag] Clan Name (If different from the tag). Try to keep the clan tag short as possible. Make sure your name or tag isn't already taken or you will be asked to change it. In the first post you should include:

> An explanation of how you plan to run your clan and how you make decisions. Other things to include are your rules, aims or goals and possibly an introduction with background info of your clan.

> A members list showing who the leaders are, and of course all the members.

Please add these things.
Community Manager, contact me with any issues or suggestions!
You are Right Erth And Erth where can i find you ?
All the wrong I've done the Lord still keep on blessin' me
erth shut down the last cow creed in orginazations
i cant post any pic now im at my other house i dont have my pics on like mon or tue i could post mabye
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Moo is the battle cry. Why is timo your enemy?
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tim has been my enemy from like when we first encountered in toribash. my last encounter was in a sword server a few weeks ago. i beat him he yeller NOOO and left never returned.
moo is not the battle cry i had to think we are silent killers we cant really yell u know so we can mabye yell moo after we complete a assassination.
hey people im taking applications now if u wanna join we will become a clan in a few hours or minutes cuz my mom buy me tc
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